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EpiDay First USI-Com Young Scholars Research Day

The Faculty of Communication Sciences and EpiCentre organise a one-day presentation and discussion of the research carried out by the Faculty’s young scholars (PhD students and post-doc researchers). The day includes oral presentations, a poster session, a key lecture by an invited speaker, and a final panel with young and senior researchers.

Organising committee: Gabriele Balbi, Luca Camerini, Marta Cola, Marco Colombetti, Viola Schiaffonati

Scientific committee: Luca Botturi, Antonella Carassa, Nicola Diviani, Marco Maggi, Manuel Mauri Brusa, Rudi Palmieri, Chiara Piccini, Colin Porlezza, Benedetta Prario, Elisa Rubegni, Ivan Snehota, Susan Suggs


Booklet of abstracts

Pictures: invited speaker 1, invited speaker 2, poster session 1, poster session 2, poster session 3, poster session 4, panel 1, panel 2, aula magna 1, aula magna 2


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